No cost has been spared in regards to security and safety. Some of the features we offer are as follows:

Video Recording

The facility has CCTV cameras installed, throughout, to capture any intruders.

Alarm Monitoring

Motion Sensors are located throughout the facility and triggered with illegal movement. This signal is transmitted back-to-base with patrol vehicle.

Pin Code Access

Only paying customers are able to access the site with our security pin-code electric gate and entry doors.

Panic Buttons

We have installed panic button throughout the facility to for extra safety.

Elevation & Plumbing

Our yard has drainage installed in the ground to drain away any water during those heavy downpoors. Additionally, our units have been slightly raised off the ground to further protect during flash floods.

Rodent Proof

Our converted shipping containers are rodent proof, meaning no need to worry about any nasty pests getting into your storage unit.


The facility is equipped with commercial grade steel fencing.

Flood Lights

Powerful flood lights have been installed for night access that turn on when the motion detectors have been triggered.

Multiple Evacuation Points

There are two main access points and multiple fire exits to ensure further safety.

Bolt Cutter Proof

All our units have been installed with a bolt cutter proof, heavy duty protector. No amateur is getting into your unit, that we can assure you!